i'm naked inside my fear
the naked truth.

February 05, 2004 | 5:31 pm
just an entry to clarify things.

this isn't something i would need to say, since i'm not big on insulting your intelligence. but i will restate the obvious, because aparently that is necessary.

let me elaborate: after a rude and uncalled for entry in my guestbook(and not to mention anonymous... what kind of pussy leaves an anonymous note?) i have decided to write what most people in diaryland refer to as a "disclaimer" to my diary.

in writing this i should point out that this is my diary, belonging to no one else. if i thought others needed to write in my diary, i'd make it public and we could all post. how much fun would that be? except for not. this is mine.

i'm a human; i bleed and hurt and cry just like everyone else. along with that i smile and am cheerful. being me, like most [not shallow] people consists of a mixture of feelings and things.

i am an adult. i have been an adult for many years now, although i am only twenty years old. i am not innocent. i am not the happy-go-lucky cheerleader i was once thought to be. there's more to me than that, believe it or not.

there are things that i will say that will make some people unhappy. these are my thoughts. i don't expect everyone (or, anyone, for that matter) to agree with me or like what i am writing. going back to my first point, this is my diary. i do not ask anyone who does not want to read it to do so.

that being said, i write for myself. my diary is an abbreviated version of my everyday life and in many ways i have used it to show my progression (or regression, depending on my aspect of the moment) and i write how i feel. again, this may not appeal to everyone, or anyone. my intent is not writing to appeal to the general public. i do not consider myself, or any of my faithful readers to be part of the "general public" and anyone who fits that description can go ahead and not waste their time looking on this site.

and furthermore, i welcome comments. i have a guestbook. in that guestbook are pages filled with comments on my diary or the things happening in my life. i'm a big girl. these comments aren't all nice. i'm okay with that. i don't delete them, unless they are unsigned. i think only an immature brat would leave an unsigned derogatory comment in my guestbook. for this reason alone that comment shall be deleted. anyone who wishes to leave a comment signed with their name and either a link to their site or an email address should feel welcome to do so.

my apologies to the intelligent people who regulary read my diary. i'm sorry you all had to waste your time reading this.

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