i'm naked inside my fear
the naked truth.

February 12, 2003 | 4:41 pm
she was laura t. and i was laura b. laura treppendahl who i adored and befriended me upon my arrival to westminister elementary in the 4th grade. we had a crush on the same boy (chase hamilton, as i knew him from kindergarten; he had since changed to chase duplantis) and loved playing soccer during recess.

she wore her hair medium length, and such a beautiful shade of light brown it was. when she smiled, her eyes would glow with this radiant warmth that told you that she was one of the nice ones; she was one of the ones you would consider a true friend.

i spent the night at her beautiful house on whitehaven street and we used to take walks around her neighborhood to this huge-at-the-time lake. we did not realize (nor did we care) that to see this beauty we were trespassing and really just walking through others' back yards.

we put the sprinkler underneath the trampoline and jumped to our hearts desire. we stayed up late and woke up early to ride bikes and wander around and be whatever we wanted to be.

she taught me to love the piano. laura t. taught me songs that i don't remember and don't play, but she taught me that music is stronger than anything physical in this world.

we were young and young is beautiful; beauty is invincible.

and i found out today she was killed by a drunk driver. why does God choose to take the ones we love the most?

Heaven has one more beautiful angel. i love you, laura t.

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